Meat Breath Pre-Rolls - Lot 21-P01-B
Meat Breath Pre-Rolls - Lot 21-P01-B Meat Breath Pre-Rolls - Lot 21-P01-B
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Gnomestar Craft Cannabis is small-batch, indoor craft cannabis grown in Delta, British Columbia by a small team who love great cannabis. Our focus is on creating a consistently great cannabis experience for our customers. Our plants are grown in a mixture of coco and soil, where we constantly experiment to explore the true genetic expression of each plant. Our plants are then hand-harvested, dried over a cool 10-days slow hang-drying process, and hand trimmed to maximize cannabinoids and terpenes within each flower. We then cold cure over several weeks to ensure a smooth, flavourful smoke every time.

Cultivar Description: Meat Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid, bred by crossing the genetics of Meatloaf and Mendo Breath. Meat Breath has very unique characteristics visually compared to most strains due to its profound trichome visibility, dark shades of purple, and burnt orange pistils. From its bud structure to its colour, smell, and trichome visibility, it's truly an eye-catching cannabis strain.

Cultivar Lineage: Meatloaf, Mendo Breath

THC range19.2%
CBD range0-1%
Dominant terpenesLimonene, trans-Caryophyllene, alpha-Humulene, Farnesene-2