Hypernova Advanced Nano 29mg THC Drops
Hypernova Advanced Nano 29mg THC Drops Hypernova Advanced Nano 29mg THC Drops
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Emprise's Hypernova Advanced Nano THC Drops deliver a 29 mg/g THC-dominant formulation in water-soluble emulsion with less than 2mg CBD. Formulated to be added to any drink or Aqueous Solution. Onset is much faster than oil products, approximately 10-15 minutes. Containing less than 2mg CBD. 15ml per container, 435mg THC Total. Enclosed is a 0.3ml dispensing unit with 0.1ml increments.

At Emprise Canada, we have an experienced team of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical developers, focused on creating innovative products to enrich the lives of our customers. Having shifted this extensive experience into the legal cannabis space, our new product lines include softgels, oils, topicals, and our proprietary water-soluble nano-emulsion oils and sprays. Driven by research and development, the Emprise team will continue working to pioneer new processes and products, working with industry leaders, medical professionals & cannabis consumers, and ever-improving our available selection.

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THC range435mg Total
CBD range30mg Total