Habitat Organic Caviar Dried Cannabis
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Premium, Organic Cannabis Grown in Aquaponics.

Habitat knows from experience that in order for our cannabis to have maximum flavour and smoothness, it must not only be hang dried, it must be trimmed with care, and patiently cured. Using time-proven natural techniques, we bring terpenes and cannabinoids to their peak potency. This final step in preparing our finest organic cannabis is a critical part of our commitment to quality.

Cultivar Description: A savoury alternative to Habitat's 'Cake' offering. Coming from the lineage of OGKB x Lost Sailor, Caviar stands out with its salmon red hairs and crystal-tipped trichomes while boasting pungent notes of herb, earth and a spicy hint of eucalyptus.

Cultivar Lineage: OGKB Kush, Lost Sailor

THC range18.13%
CBD range0-1%
Dominant terpenesLimonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene