7Green Grows Tom Ford Island Pink Dried Cannabis
7Green Grows Tom Ford Island Pink Dried Cannabis 7Green Grows Tom Ford Island Pink Dried Cannabis
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7Green is Kamloops’ first Health Canada licensed cannabis producer nestled in the interior of beautiful British Columbia. The 7Green team grows inside a built-for-purpose facility which results in the ability to grow exceptional cannabis all year long. Driven by a belief in quality over quantity, they focus on growing in small batches with personal attention from their team of experienced master growers. Proper care is taken to hang-dry and cure flower for 14 days, a process which results in high terpene levels and dense, aromatic buds. After the curing process is completed, the 7Green team hand-trims all plants in order to provide a superior finished product.

Cultivar Description: Tom Ford Island Pink Kush is an exotic Indica-dominant hybrid cultivar with celebrity status within the cannabis community. This highly-prized and still exceedingly rare genetic is a Canadian phenomenon that was originally conceived by crossing two strong Indica-dominant cultivars, Pink Kush and possibly Death Bubba from Vancouver, BC, although the exact lineage remains unknown. The flower has dense, forest-green, rounded nuggets with pink and purple streaks, bright pink-orange hairs intertwining the bud, and a coating of frosty clear-white crystal trichomes. Tom Ford Island Pink Kush has an aroma of warm honey and tart lemons with rich earthy and woody undertones. It burns with a pungent diesel and pine scent and is softly sweet on the palate, with dominant terpenes beta-pinene, limonene, beta-caryophyllene, linalool, and alpha-humulene ranging from 4.52%. Grown in small batches and cured for 14 days in Kamloops, BC.

Cultivar Lineage: Unknown

THC range21.2%
CBD range0-1%
Dominant terpenesbeta-pinene, Limonene, Linalool