Kootenay's Finest Organic Jellysickle Dried Cannabis
Kootenay's Finest Organic Jellysickle Dried Cannabis Kootenay's Finest Organic Jellysickle Dried Cannabis
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Kootenay's Finest Craft Cannabis is a micro-cultivation facility located in the Kootenay region, dedicated to small-batch, organically-grown craft cannabis. We grow in living soil, using only organic amendments, and under specifically dialed-in LED lighting. Our offerings are hand-watered with mountain spring water from the Purcell mountains and, once harvested, we do a slow, cold-cure, and trim by hand. We’re bringing 3 unique cultivars to market, including some of our own original proprietary phenotypes that have stood the test of time in the BC market. Our co-owners, CEO/RPIC Kevin Mcbride and Master Grower Sal Couling have over 50 years combined in the legacy cannabis growing space.

Cultivar Description: Jellysickle is the first offering from the infamous BC legacy crew, Kootenay’s Finest. Originally bred from in-house genetics, this spicy, pine, cultivar brings the hype, even for the veteran BC bud connoisseurs. Grown organically in living soil, with organic fertilizers, glacial-fed water and zero pesticides, hand-trimmed and packaged in Shelter Crafts' custom, overly descriptive, nitro-filled bags. Jellysickle is a hybrid cross between Purple Punch and Jelly Breath, its unique aroma is fueled by Linalool, Pinene & Caryophyllene, and comes in at about 3% overall terpenes. Lean in and enjoy this Legacy Legend.

Cultivar Lineage: Purple Punch, Jelly Breath

THC range20.1%
CBD range0-1%
Dominant terpenesLimonene, Linalool, Caryophyllene